Treatment Options

All sessions are via HIPAA Compliant Zoom.

There are two DBT treatment choices and the services I provide include both options. Please contact me to discuss which is more appropriate for you.

Adherent DBT – This consists of being in DBT treatment with a psychotherapist who has been trained intensively in DBT, like myself, who is part of a consultation team and provides phone coaching to the patient. Individuals who opt for Adherent DBT treatment would be in individual psychotherapy and skills classes with an adherently-trained psychotherapist.

DBT Informed – DBT Informed is for those individuals who are working with a psychotherapist who meets any of the criteria below:

  • The individual psychotherapist has not been intensively trained for DBT
  • The individual psychotherapist is not part of a DBT Consultation Team
  • The individual psychotherapist does not offer DBT phone coaching

Those who choose DBT Informed can still participate in DBT Skills Classes while they continue to work with their individual psychotherapists. For those participants, I communicate weekly with the individual’s psychotherapist so that their therapist is aware of what skills were taught and can incorporate the skills in the individual’s psychotherapy sessions.  The feedback I have received from both psychotherapists and Skills Group participants is that the skills taught and the weekly communication has been extremely useful and life changing.