Who Is Helped By DBT Skills?

DBT Skills is appropriate for those who have difficulties with:

Mood Swings
Impulse Control
Eating Disorders
Anger Management
Social Difficulties
Self-Destructive Behavior

DBT was originally developed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder. Over the years, research has shown that DBT Skills are helpful for people with many other emotion-related issues including eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and self-destructive and addictive behaviors.

DBT is effective for people who often experience emotions intensely.  When people feel they can’t control their emotions they frequently engage in impulsive behaviors that may relieve the distress temporarily, but those behaviors often result in further problems.

Because of its effectiveness in decreasing compulsive overeating, bulimia and binge eating, DBT skills training has become a common treatment modality in recovery programs.


How Can DBT Skills Help?

  • They can teach you how to understand and manage your emotions (Emotion Regulation).
  • You can see how to handle stress without making impulsive or destructive choices and learn to accept current situations (Distress Tolerance).
  • You will learn how to get what you need from other people, while keeping your relationships and your self-respect (Interpersonal Effectiveness)
  • You will gain new tools to focus your mind and center yourself (Core Mindfulness)